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28 Jul 2014 09:28 • Meadhbh Monahan

Beresy’s: a pay as you go business in every sense

Did anyone order a Beresy’s?”

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26 Jul 2014 12:00 • Meadhbh Monahan

Family’s efforts helping keep baby Aodh’s memory alive

The grieving family of a little baby boy who died at just four days old have been doing their utmost to keep his memory alive by raising money for the Royal Victoria Hospital’s neonatal ward.

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25 Jul 2014 15:30 • Meadhbh Monahan

Bees keeping Canon Laurence busy for well over 50 years

A hobby that began over 50 years ago has stayed with Canon Laurence Dawson, who enjoys watching the changing of the seasons and appreciates nature as “God’s work of art”.

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25 Jul 2014 08:30 • Meadhbh Monahan

Fermanagh is too precious to take the risk: McMenamin

“When reports appeared on Monday that exploratory drilling was finally going ahead in Belcoo part of me disappeared down that hole with the huge Australian drill bit,” says Enniskillen-born actor Ciaran McMenamin.

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24 Jul 2014 19:00 • Meadhbh Monahan

Policing plan is in place if needed

Fermanagh PSNI has put in place a policing plan to deal with potential unrest over fracking in the County.

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24 Jul 2014 14:00 • Meadhbh Monahan

Naked protester arrested at site

A naked woman has been arrested at a protest camp set up at the security gates of Tamboran’s drill site outside Belcoo.

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24 Jul 2014 13:00 • Meadhbh Monahan

Let’s ‘at least find out what is down there’ says Foster

“I have always taken the approach that we should at least find out what is down there. In drilling this borehole, that’s what [Tamboran] want to do.”

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21 Jul 2014 13:00 • Meadhbh Monahan

Latest: Security in place at Belcoo drill site

Security preparations are underway at a Belcoo Acheson and Glover site today, as Tamboran announce its plans to drill a scientific borehole by late August.


21 Jul 2014 11:00 • Meadhbh Monahan

Acheson and Glover comment on Tamboran drilling

Acheson and Glover has issued a statement in relation to Tamboran's intentions to drill a scientific borehole on one if its quarries.


21 Jul 2014 10:30 • Meadhbh Monahan

Breaking: Tamboran to drill Belcoo site by late August

FRACKING company Tamboran has announced that it plans to drill a scientific borehole in Belcoo by late August.


18 Jul 2014 13:30 • Meadhbh Monahan

How one community’s CPR training is saving lives

“Ordinary people can save lives.”

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17 Jul 2014 18:00 • Meadhbh Monahan

Three parties still involved in ‘active negotiations’ for £8m Lough Erne Resort

Three separate parties are currently involved in “active negotiations” with the Lough Erne Resort’s selling agents, The Impartial Reporter can confirm.

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17 Jul 2014 14:00 • Meadhbh Monahan

85-year-old Eddie won’t get chance to say goodbye to his friends

EDDIE Earls is one of the residents of Shannagh Nursing Home who is “very upset” at its impending closure.

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17 Jul 2014 13:00 • Meadhbh Monahan

‘Despicable’ that hunger strike march will be held in Derrylin

The niece of a husband and wife murdered by the IRA in their Derrylin home has described as “utterly despicable” the decision to hold the National Hungerstrike Commemoration in the border village on August 3.

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13 Jul 2014 12:00 • Meadhbh Monahan

An arduous journey that ended with positivity and peace

“Why are you doing this arduous, tortuous journey?” That is one of the most memorable questions I got asked while walking the Camino de Santiago (‘The Way of St. James’).

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10 Jul 2014 21:00 • Meadhbh Monahan

Keep it country but just not here

“Gutted, sad and disappointed.” That’s how many locals felt this week the cancellation of Garth Brooks’ five concert Comeback Special Event at Croke Park sank in.

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10 Jul 2014 17:00 • Meadhbh Monahan

Property developer buys hotel in his home town

KESH man David Mahon has bought the Lough Erne Hotel in the village and is in the process of securing a lease-holder, the Impartial Reporter can reveal.

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1 Jul 2014 17:30 • Meadhbh Monahan

Border areas to benefit from reduced roaming charges

Charges for surfing the internet on smartphones while travelling in the European Union have been cut by half as new rules come into force today.


30 Jun 2014 10:00 • Meadhbh Monahan

Author takes on the male drinking culture in latest novel

ENNISKILLEN-born journalist and novel writer Jason Johnson had to “get honest” with himself while examining the topic of his latest book; alcohol.

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27 Jun 2014 17:00 • Meadhbh Monahan

‘Delighted’ Carter to support Garth Brooks at Croke Park

Nathan Carter’s already packed 2014 schedule has just got busier with the addition of the coveted Garth Brooks support act slot.

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