26 Mar 2015 15:30 • How I See It with Denzil McDaniel

It’s about time the people were the real winners

In the brilliant movie “The Commitments”, Jimmy Rabbite holds auditions in his Dublin housing estate home for a new band, when queues form outside. He asks one lad what he plays. I play a bit of football, comes the reply, and when Jimmy asks what musical instrument he plays as he’s forming a group, the young fella admits he doesn’t. Well why are you here, says Jimmy, and he explains his presence: “Well, I saw everyone else lining up, so I thought you were selling drugs.”

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19 Mar 2015 15:00 • How I See It with Denzil McDaniel

Show a little respect

We might not all burst into singing “Hail glorious St. Patrick”, be it would seem these days that both sides now celebrate the Christian virtues of the patron saint.

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12 Mar 2015 16:00 • How I See It with Denzil McDaniel

Test questions for those running education

Recently I attended one of those school meetings where parents get to discuss their children’s progress with teachers; and one of the teachers of my teenage son had something interesting to say.

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5 Mar 2015 15:00 • Editorial

It’s hard, but sometimes harsh words should be said

According to Elton John’s song, sorry is the hardest word. It’s a phrase we often hear, and right enough, we all find it hard to admit we’re wrong. And harder still to say sorry.

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26 Feb 2015 16:00 • How I See It with Denzil McDaniel

How would you feel if they decided to close the hospital?

Here’s a tough question for you: we have a brand new multi-million pound hospital on our doorstep here in Enniskillen. But, would you be prepared to give it up if you were convinced that by doing so you would see a massive improvement in our overall health service?

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19 Feb 2015 18:00 • How I See It with Denzil McDaniel

A family’s example in their darkest hour

Late last Wednesday night, my 13-year-old son was tucked up in bed. I popped in just to make sure, pulled the quilt up over him and told him I thought the world of him. Men, and boys, don’t do chat very well, we don’t express our feelings often enough.

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12 Feb 2015 17:00 • How I See It with Denzil McDaniel

Money makes the world go around

In the classic comedy “Only Fools and Horses” we all remember the episode when Del entered one of Rodney’s paintings in a competition and won a holiday to Spain.

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5 Feb 2015 17:00 • How I See It with Denzil McDaniel

Did Stephen Fry do Christians a favour with his attack on God?

The actor and comedian Stephen Fry may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I happen to like him.

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29 Jan 2015 15:00 • How I See It with Denzil McDaniel

You’ll need a widescreen telly for the leader’s debate

An empty chair can conjure up a very vivid image.

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15 Jan 2015 17:00 • How I See It with Denzil McDaniel

A battle between good and evil

Years ago when I spent more time in pubs than I should have, there was always an interesting study of human behaviour on Saturday night closing time; or chucking out time as it was (more appropriately) known because revellers always wanted to sit on.

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12 Jan 2015 09:30 • Editorial

In 2015 we don’t have to do things the way they’ve always been done

Monkeys, Russell Brand and Northern Ireland politicians; the things that go through your mind at this time of year, eh?

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20 Nov 2014 09:30 • Denzil McDaniel

Feeding the world or feeding superstar egos?

Is it really 30 years since the original Band Aid single raised millions for the starving people of Eithiopia? December 1984, when on nights out a sing song started, and people with a few drinks would belt out “Feed the World” with a hand mysteriously clasped over your ear as if you were in a recording studio!

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13 Nov 2014 13:00 • Denzil McDaniel

And now on NHS TV, here is the (good) news

I suppose there’s really no reason why your name should be appropriate to your character; so it may be unreasonable to expect a woman called Watts to be bright.

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6 Nov 2014 13:00 • How I See It with Denzil McDaniel

Will we ever get answers as to what happened at Enniskillen?

One of the quotes I saw on Twitter this week was: “I may not be there yet, but am closer than I was yesterday. One step can make all the difference.”

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4 Nov 2014 09:00 • How I See It with Denzil McDaniel

What more dirt will be dredged up from the deep of the past?

Recently I found a treasure trove. My dad passed away earlier this year and among boxes of stuff he’d kept over the years were loads of negatives and photographs of our family from my childhood.

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23 Oct 2014 20:00 • Editorial

Stand up and I’ll stand with you

Do you ever think that parts of your life were like scenes from the television show “Dallas”? No, not all money, glamour, teeth and shoulder pads. But the one where Bobby Ewing emerges from the shower and everything that apparently had happened was actually just a dream.

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16 Oct 2014 13:00 • How I See It with Denzil McDaniel

We’ve come a long way, but clearly not far enough

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” is an old movie starring Spencer Tracey. The film’s opening sees a car speeding like crazy along the roads. Suddenly, the driver loses control and sails off a cliff. I know what you’re thinking. Stormont.

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9 Oct 2014 09:30 • How I See It with Denzil McDaniel

First principle of politics: help the people you serve

The comedian Groucho Marx once said, “These are my principles. If you don’t like them….. I’ve got others!”

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2 Oct 2014 13:00 • How I See It with Denzil McDaniel

Even if we had a replay, there still wouldn’t be a winner

It’s one of the questions that probably doesn’t have a proper answer; or at least everybody has an answer which can’t be proved beyond doubt.

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25 Sep 2014 09:30 • How I See It with Denzil McDaniel

There are certain things we should be emotional about

When Donegal lost their all-Ireland gaelic football final on Sunday, one of the first questions manager Jim McGuinness was asked was if he would take the job on next year. Well, he said, he would reflect on things. This was a decision that shouldn’t be taken on emotion.

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