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Closes: Sun, 11th November 2012 09:30

Do you love wearing heels but hate the pain? At last help is at hand from shoe care experts Kiwi. Shoe Passion is a new range of products that will provide the shoe comfort you've always dreamt of, meaning never again will you need to worry about wearing those killer heels. So from party platforms to wild wedges, sassy stilettos to sleek sandals - Kiwi Shoe Passion has comfort covered!

Made using patented Air Cushion Technology, each soft gel cushion uses unique air channels to shift pressure away from painful areas. This cushioning prevents strain under the ball of the foot or in the heels, providing ultimate cushioning comfort around the clock.

What's more, the new cushions are virtually invisible, so wearing them will be your little secret!

Kiwi Shoe Passion Heel Gel Cushions, RRP £3.65

Whether you're heading out for a night on the town or a long day at work - these Heel Gel Cushions offer optimum comfort in the highest of heels. Help put a spring in your step and ease the burning pressure on heels by protecting and cushioning the heel area with the latest gel cushion technology.

Kiwi Shoe Passion Ball of Foot Gel Cushions, RRP £3.65

Give extra relief to the area that can ache the most, with Shoe Passion Gel Cushions for the ball of the foot. Make sure that favourite pair of heels can be worn with confidence by giving your feet added relief and long-lasting comfort.

Kiwi Shoe Passion ¾ Gel Insoles, RRP £5.25

Get that 'walking on air' feeling with these sleek air cushioned insoles. Providing enhanced cushioning to sensitive areas - such as the heel and ball of the foot giving 2 in 1 relief. The special soft top cloth provides ultimate comfort all day long.

What's more, if the gel cushions are looking a little tired, they can be washed and re-used - so they're as good as new for next time!

Kiwi Shoe Passion Heel Gel Liners, RRP £3.65

Prevent your feet from slipping out and rubbing against the back of the shoes. These Gel Heel Liners are designed to mould effortlessly to the shape of your heel, offering the perfect skin protection from nasty friction and rubbing.

The Kiwi Shoe Passion range is available from Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda and Wilkinsons. All products are dermatologically tested, so they are extra foot friendly.

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