DANCING is Jennifer Simpson’s great escape in life.

The 26-year-old has a hectic daily routine as a busy mum of two.

But she can get lost in her own little world when she dances.

“It’s the one thing I feel confident at doing,” she tells the Impartial Reporter.

Modelling tartan leggings from DV8, a t-shirt and cardigan from TopShop and grey boots from DV8, Jennifer says she devotes all her time to bringing up Charlie (5) and Jack (3).

“I never have time for myself at all,” she says, “But they are completely worth it. They are really good children. Charlie is very independent and very advanced for his age but Jack is a real mummy’s boy -- he is always at my side!” With two boys to run after Jennifer finds it easier to do her clothes shopping on line.

“I have a real hobby of finding clothes on Ebay!” she reveals as she wears a dress from TopShop, navy shoes from Dolcis, and a black shirt and scarf from Primark.

“I love to find a good bargain, but I always feel bad about spending money on myself. Most of my money is spent on the boys.

“They are really fashionable -- I have to have them dressed the same! That’s why Ebay is so helpful, because you can get all the brand names at far cheaper prices.” Jennifer says there are two sides to her own style.

“The week day look and then the weekend (if Im going out!),” she explains, “Day wear is just complete comfort -- I can’t function if I’m in uncomfortable clothes. And I feel most comfortable in a track suit and a pair of trainers! If I have a night out then I like to really go all out. There are a lot of dresses in my wardrobe that still have the tags on. I don’t like wearing the same dress out for a night out.” Jennifer was a dancer before her two boys came along.

“Jack was born very premature. I haemorrhaged when I had him and I’m now anaemic as a result. He spent a while in neo-natal. The staff in the hospital were amazing,” she says as she wears a purple skater dress from Primark and her grey boots (as before).

“I hope that when the boys start school I can get back into the dancing,” she adds, “I was really good at it. I would love to bring a dance class to Enniskillen to help other people with low self esteem like me. I know how great of an escape it is.

“I love hip hop, salsa, waltz, jive -- all of it. My best friend took me to a jive night in Omagh recently. It was something really different.

“I love watching Strictly Come Dancing but it always gets me annoyed! It gives me itchy feet. I find myself watching it and thinking, ‘I want to do that’, or ‘I could do that better!’”.

In her final look, a lace dress from River Island and cream shoes from Dunnes Stores, Jennifer says she is planning a trip to the South of France with Charlie and Jack this summer.

“I’m hoping to take them on a camping holiday -- something active so they can burn off their energy!”