ENNISKILLEN hairdresser, Ali Magee admits she isn’t much of a cook.

The 21-year-old says she is liable to give her family food poisoning thanks to her limited cooking skills!

Modelling a mint green jumper and acid wash jeans from boohoo.com with Dunnes Stores plimsoles, the red-head she takes after her mother when it comes to her skills in the kitchen!

“I’m pretty good at the baking, but cooking is a different story,” she says, “I cannot tell when things are ready. At least with baking, if you put a skewer in and it comes out wet you know things aren’t ready -- but you can’t do that with cooking!

“Daddy I think has us spoiled -- he is a great cook -- mum wouldn’t even know how to turn an oven on!” Working as a hairdresser in Garry’s Hairport in Enniskillen, Ali says her job doubles as an agony aunt.

“You hear it all!” she laughs, wearing a white shirt River Island, disco pants from boohoo.com and boots from Ebay, “If those walls could talk. I love my job. I have always wanted to be a hairdresser -- it was just in my blood.” Studying two days a week at South West College for her Level three hairdressing, Ali says she hopes to go on to teach.

In her spare time at the moment though, she is a personal hairdresser and beautician for her family and friends.

“When I go out for the night with my friends we have to start getting ready at about 6pm because I have to do everyone’s hair and make-up,” she explains, “It’s a lot of pressure to get out the door in time! Thankfully, my hair is really short and low-maintenance so I don’t have to spend too much time styling it.” As she models a Peter Pan dress from River Island and boots from Ebay Ali describes her style as “cheap and cheerful”.

“I do a lot of shopping on Ebay. You find things far cheaper there than they are in the shops. You have to be a bit of a bargain hunter though, and you have to be patient.” A self-confessed sweets and crisps junkie, Ali says she does very little exercise.

“By right I should probably be about 40 stone by now!” she says, wearing a cami top from River Island and black and white leggings from River Island, “I’m so lazy! But we have a puppy now, a cocker spaniel called Polly and she needs lots of walks -- so she keeps me fit.”