Adele's principal weakness is for shoes

Published: 19 Jul 2012 13:000 comments

THE schools may be closed for the summer but Enniskillen Integrated Primary School principal, Adele Kerr is still busy at the books.

Despite her hectic schedule though, the stylish headmistress turned heads during the Queen's recent visit to Enniskillen in her outfit from none other than M&S.

And when she (reluctantly!) agreed to be this week's Lifestyle model, she was quick to point out that when it comes to fashion, she isn't drawn in by big brand name labels.

"I think as you get older you grow into your body," said Mrs Kerr, "You wear what suits you, you shop for what suits your body and not what the label is or what's in trend. Next's jeans are the only kind of jeans that I like. I have tried designer jeans and they don't work for me. I would rather wear clothes that haven't broken the bank and team them with a nice pair of shoes."

Indeed as she modelled her first look, a casual pair of jeans, top and necklace from Next and eye-catching shoes by Irregular Choice in Shuphoric, her penchant for heels became all too clear.

"Shoes are my weakness," she confessed, "I have quite a few pairs to my name!"

And it seems her seven-year-old daughter, Alex, is following in her stilettoed footsteps.

"She loves Lelli Kelly shoes," explained Mrs Kerr, "She loves her style. Everything has to match and be co-ordinated. Anything she puts in her hair has to match the clothes that she is wearing!"

In her second outfit for the photoshoot, a dress from Next and shoes from Shuphoric, Mrs Kerr displayed her talents in customising her look to suit her style.

"I didn't like the belt that came with this dress so I took it off and added my own and then the expensive shoes!" she said.

The primary school principal had the opportunity to meet with the Queen when she took her historic steps in St Michael's Church last month.

But it's not the first time the two fashionistas have come face to face!

"That's actually the third time I have met her," said Mrs Kerr, "She was very relaxed in St Michael's, very smiley and pleased to see everyone. The other two times I have met her were very formal occasions. I'm a Queen's Scout so I met her at a Colour Party at Windsor and at a garden party for her Golden Jubilee."

Wearing a black dress from M&S, black shoes with a hint of leopard print and a matching leopard print bag from Hepburn, the mum of one was celebrating her 19th wedding anniversary on the day of the shoot.

"We always get out the wedding video on every wedding anniversary," she explained, "When I got married it was all about the Lady Diana wedding dress -- the meringue! But I went against the grain and went for a straight dress. I remember coming down the stairs on my wedding day and daddy looking at me asking: 'Is that it?!' But when I look back now I'm glad that I went for that straight dress because it has stood the test of time. And that's the way I am about all my clothes, I like something that will last.

"I would always go for that rather than something that is in fashion at the moment."

Wearing a jumpsuit from M&S and pointed-toe slingbacks bought during a holiday in Spain, she admitted though that she has had her fair share of fashion disasters over the years too!

"Green leggings and flat shoes for one!" she said, "I was going to a disco. At the time I thought I was gorgeous!"

A principal in Fermanagh for the last 19 years, Mrs Kerr, originally from Lisburn, has been kept on her toes in work.

From dressing up as the Queen to mark the Diamond Jubilee to organising a lipdub to mark 30 years of integrated education in Northern Ireland, this year the principal has gone all out to capture the imagination of her pupils.

But now almost finished with school work for this year, she is looking forward to a bit of R&R at home.

Wearing a sparkly dress from M&S and shoes from Next, she described how spare time is precious to her.

"I do zumba dancing with Dylan Quinn and since we have two dogs we do lots of walking up at Springfield where we live. I also enjoy spending lots of time with my family too, that's really important to me. In the summer everybody comes down to stay with us. We always say our house is like a B&B at this time of the year!"

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