More to the Lady of the Lake's wardrobe than her cloak

Published: 2 Aug 2012 09:300 comments

AS this year's Lady of the Lake, 21-year-old Keri Robinson has had a busy Summer so far.

Between fulfilling her festival duties and working full-time at SD Kells in Enniskillen, it's no wonder the pretty brunette is looking forward to a holiday in sunny Albufiera this September.

And on her day off this week she was showing off her tan (compliments of Tierra Spa and Beauty Treatments rather than the sun!) when she visited the Impartial Reporter office for our Lifestyle feature.

Describing her time so far as the newly crowned Lady of the Lake as "hectic", Keri said she was soaking up the experience.

"I had to take 10 days off work to be able to do all the festival duties," she said, "It was no holiday I can tell you. Every day was just jam-packed with things to do."

In a bright orange vest top by Miss Sixty and Salsa jeans, both from Walker Clothing and wedge shoes from New Look, she said one of the busiest days of the Irvinestown Festival was the Fair Day.

"I was there from around 12.30pm until 6.30pm," said Keri, "Luckily it was the best day of the week weather wise so I was able to walk and around and greet people and talk to them."

The Collegiate Grammar alumni is a qualified Beauty Therapist.

After finishing her GCSEs she left school for a a Beauty Therapy course in South West College.

Mad about lotions, potions and all things make-up, she said she enjoyed having her make-up and hair done for the festival.

"Last year's Lady of the Lake, Brenda McNulty, is actually my hairdresser," she explained, wearing a black playsuit from Walker Clothing.

"It was really nice because she was doing my hair each day and Physique in Irvinestown did my make-up.

"I love my beauty products and I love doing nail art as well. I would do it on myself or family and friends -- it keeps me in good practice!"

Wearing a maxi dress from SD Kells, a denim jacket and tan sandals, Keri said she was honoured to be selected as the festival Queen.

"Basically the town nominates you. A lot of people think that you put yourself forward, but that's not the case. A number of names are put forward and then whoever gets the most nominations is the new Lady of the Lake.

"it's nice to know that people put me forward. When I was told I was in shock at first! It took a while to for it to settle in."

In lemon jeans, a plain black vest top and a black and white striped blazer and New Look heels, she confessed she has hardly any spare time recently.

"When I do get time to myself, I like to spend it with my family and friends. I'm very close to my sisters. I have a twin called Kim and two older sisters and a brother. Kim was really chuffed for me when I found out I was the new Lady of the Lake.

"Some people have said to me 'Is your twin not jealous?!', but Kim's not like that at all. She's very shy by comparison. They always say there's a loud twin and it's definitely me!

"When we were growing up I was always the girly girl and she was always the tom boy. As we got older though, her style became a bit similar to my own and now she would share a lot of my clothes!"

In her final look of the day, a red lace dress from SD Kells and nude Lipsy shoes, Keri says she's a bit of a bargain hunter.

"I would shop in Quiz, get bits and pieces from SD Kells and Walkers Clothing in Irvinestown as well as Primark, New Look and Exhibit. I got these shoes as a 21st birthday present to myself! I was over in Manchester with my best friend and I wouldn't normally spend so much on a pair of shoes but I have got so much wear out of them.

"I'd say my biggest weakness is handbags. With working in Kells I probably have about 12 to 13 bags! The staff discount helps though!"

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