Fitness fanatic Kerrie-Jayne finds enough time for modelling

Published: 23 Aug 2012 09:300 comments

THERE aren't enough hours in the day for fitness fanatic, Kerrie-Jayne Taylor from Ballinamallard.

The 23-year-old blonde works as a special needs specialist at Kesh Primary School, is studying a teaching course part-time in Omagh and works as a life-guard and fitness instructor at the Lakeland Forum and Manor House Hotel's leisure complex. So it was lucky that we managed to get her to take part in this week's Lifestyle photo shoot at all!

Just back from a 10-night holiday in Majorca, Kerrie-Jayne was showing off an enviable tan.

In a pair of shorts and wedge shoes from New Look, a River Island belt and a top bought during her holiday, she admits to being a bit of a sun worshipper!

"From the sun comes out until it goes down again I could lie out in it all day!" she jokes.

Kerrie-Jayne works as a receptionist in the Lakeland Forum as well as taking up lifeguard duties and acting as a fitness instructor in the gym when needed.

Wearing a black tassel skirt and vest top from River Island, she says she is committed to her fitness regime.

"I do a lot of running, " she says, "I did the 10K in Kesh on Monday night. It was tough actually because I had been away on holidays relaxing for 10 days and then straight into the 10K. But I got it done anyway!"

Besides the running, Kerrie-Jayne is a dedicated swimmer.

"My usual routine is: go swimming first thing in the morning, then go to work. I do swimming lessons as well at the Manor!"

As she models a colour popping pink peplum dress from Primark and cream bow heeled shoes from River Island, the toned, tall blonde says she prefers brightly coloured clothes.

"I would always go for bright colours," she says, "I would be a real summer person, so I'm walking into the shops now and seeing all the Autumn colours, blacks, greys and browns and every thing is dull!"

Kerrie-Jayne says she usually shops in DV8, River Island or New Look.

"I shop everywhere!" she laughs, "I'm a just a real shopper. Every Saturday that I'm off I'm out having a look around the shops. In fact most of the time I'm not working, or even if I'm on my break at work, I'm out shopping! You could never get me out of the shops!"

Wearing white shorts and a vest top, both bought on holiday, and pink heels from New Look, she says she enjoys spending her weekends meeting up friends.

"I don't head out every weekend but if I do it's usually to Enniskillen or Omagh. But I would make a point of meeting up with friends every weekend for a catch up."

Kerrie-Jayne uses her last look of the photo shoot to model some of her fitness gear. In a pair of shorts, a bright green vest and her trusty trainers, she shows us how well she has mastered the dreaded sit-ups!

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