Globe-trotting Zana with a passion for fashion

Published: 25 Oct 2012 09:300 comments

TAKE a good look at 18-year-old Zana Bratton -- in a couple of years she could be running the country!

The Collegiate Grammar School pupil has her eyes set on a career in politics.

And having already benefited from some work experience up in Stormont, she's determined she will be joining the rest of the folks on the hill in the not to distant future.

"I have an opinion on everything!" says the brunette as she takes part in our Lifestyle photoshoot this week.

Wearing a red and black polka dot dress from Jane Norman teamed with black court shoes and glasses to match, Zana looks like she means business.

Studying history, politics and RE at A-level, she says she has aspirations of one day becoming a MLA.

"I did work experience with Tom Elliott while he was party leader," she says, "He is a really nice gentleman. I had a day up in Stormont which was great -- I can see myself working up there in the future! I had two days in his office as well so I got to see just how hectic it can be!"

Zana takes up her politics studies at Mount Lourdes through the Fermanagh Learning Community.

"I really enjoy going to a different school to learn about politics," she says, "All the girls over there are really friendly and the teacher is really good fun."

Wearing a tweed jacket and trousers from Exhibit with a blouse from Primark, the girl from Lack says any spare time is few and far between at present.

"I have a part-time job in the Lough Erne Hotel in Kesh," she says, "And I'm a member of the local Youth Council. We took a trip to Berlin over the summer for 10 days. It was great, I really enjoyed it. We visited one of the first concentration camps and did a lot of team building and work shops as well as a bit of shopping and all the touristy things of course!"

Zana describes herself as a passionate globe-trotter.

"I love travelling -- I used to want to be an air hostess or a beautician on a cruise ship to be able to travel around the world! The very first time I went on a plane I went to New Zealand, which was a long flight, so that really broke me in! And the year after that I went to Canada. I would really love to go to New York some time. We took a school trip to Austria when I was in Year 9 and I loved the climate over there. I really enjoyed the skiing too -- I was surprised I took to it is so well. It's one of the very few sports that I actually enjoy."

As she models a black and white striped top from New Look with a jacket from H&M and black trousers, Zana reveals that she has just celebrated her 18th birthday.

"We went to Omagh on Friday night with school friends and then had a family and friend's party on Saturday so my 18th was well celebrated! I got lots of lovely presents and a massive birthday cake too. I had such a lovely birthday."

As she wears her fourth and final outfit, a glamorous black dress from Asda and shoes from Barratts, she says Kate Middleton is her style-crush.

"She's so elegant, classy and natural with just the right amount of glitz and glamour," says Zana, "Plus she really loves to recycle her clothes and use them over again which is great! She understands that not everyone can afford to buy a different outfit for every occasion. Dunnes Stores sometimes have really nice dresses and I love H&M as well," she adds.

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