Dear Sir, - I am writing to support the feelings that our beautiful Lake District of Fermanagh is not appreciated or promoted enough.

On Sunday afternoon, June 10, a glorious summer's day, I drove up to the view point at Lough Navar to take some photographs. The view from the top as I approach always takes my breath away.

This time I discovered that a great little path complete with railings where needed and seats here and there, had been newly extended. There is nowhere in the whole of Ireland to compete with this spectacular scene. I realized that photographs can no way capture the vastness of the lough, the islands and the view as far as the Atlantic in the distance. Why does this beauty go relatively unnoticed compared to the coverage that the Giant's Causeway and the Antrim coast gets? This was a Sunday afternoon, beautiful weather, no sign of any cruisers on the lake and only two cars in the time I was there.

And would it be possible, I wonder, to clear more frequent spaces in the hedges along the Lough shore Road so that we all can see more of Lough Erne?

Yours faithfully Frances Morris The Buttermarket Craft & Design Centre Enniskillen