A 22-YEAR-OLD male had just purchased his white Vauxhall Cavalier moments before he was clocked by police driving it with no insurance or an MOT certificate.

Kevin McLoughlin, Monmurry Road, Brookeborough, was stopped by officers at a vehicle check point on the Greenhill Road, Brookeborough on June 9 this year.

When police spoke to him he admitted he did not have valid insurance to driver the vehicle and the MOT certificate had expired on August 9, 2011.

Defence solicitor, Gary Smyth told Enniskillen Magistrates Court this week that McLoughlin had just purchased the car through a private transaction.

He had the documents to prove it had just been bought and was fully co-operative with police.

"He was stopped on a Saturday evening and on Monday morning he had it insured," said Mr Smyth, "And, to his credit, he had it put through the MOT. He got his affairs in order," he submitted.

District Judge Liam McNally acknowledged McLoughlin had a previous conviction in 2010.

"You should have known quite well that you needed to have insurance on it but you took the decision to drive it on the road without." However, given his early plea, Mr McNally decided to give the defendant the minimum disqualification.

He ordered eight penalty points to be endorsed on his licence, fined him �350 in all and disqualified McLoughlin for six months.