ENNISKILLEN RNLI have issued a warning that red flares are "not a firework or toy" following a sighting near Manor House at the weekend.

The rescue team was tasked on Friday evening when passengers on a boat in the Castle Archdale area sighted a red flare in the direction of the Manor House.

Voluntary lifeboat crew launched their inshore boat Joseph and Mary Hiley and rescue water craft (RWC) from their base at Lough Erne Yacht Club on Lower Lough Erne, Co Fermanagh at 6.56pm, when a red flare was reported to Belfast Coastguard.

Weather conditions at the time were described by crew as perfect.

The lifeboat and RWC searched all areas on route to Castle Archdale, with the RWC proving invaluable searching around the many islands in the area. When they arrived at Castle Archdale they spoke to the reporting crew and obtained all details of their sightings.

The Kestrel, a tourist waterbus was in communication with Belfast Coastguard and was able to assist Enniskillen lifeboat by keeping a visual for anyone in difficulty.

After an hour searching, Enniskillen lifeboat and RWC were stood down by Belfast Coastguard and returned to base where they were left ready for service.

Davy Robinson, RNLI voluntary Lifeboat Operations Manager stressed: "Red flares are only used in an emergency situation and are not a firework or a toy."