GAA star Jarlath Burns says he still supports Sean Quinn.

In a tweet to this newspaper, the former Armagh GAA captain said: "Yes, I still support him. I believe him and I trust him. Simple as that."

Mr. Burns and a number of GAA personalities, including Mickey Harte, Joe Kernan and Colm O'Rourke spoke at a rally in support of the former Fermanagh businessman back in July, but were criticised for doing so.

"Tonight we are coming together and like the founders of the GAA there is no power like the power of the people," Jarlath Burns told the crowd in Ballyconnell.

Commentators moved quickly to criticise Mr. Burns and the others and the backlash that followed resulted in the GAA issuing a statement to deny it had an active role in the event for Sean Quinn and his family.

The organisation said that individual members were permitted to have their own views on issues but added that as an association "it would be entirely inappropriate for the GAA to become involved in matters outside its remit".

It is not known if Mr. Burns or anyone else from the GAA world will attend the second Pro-Quinn rally, which is scheduled to return to Ballyconnell next Sunday.