A second rally to support the Quinn family, currently involved in disputes with banks over the running of their businesses on the Fermanagh and Cavan Border, takes place this Sunday afternoon, October 14 in Ballyconnell at 4pm.

A member of the Concerned Irish Citizens group has described it as an historic rally with prominent speakers being lined up. It is also expected there will be a large representation from the Quinn family attending.

The Quinn Rally for Justice campaign is also expected to feature on the RTE's Prime Time programme being broadcast tonight(Thursday). Presenter, Miriam O'Callaghan has interviewed a number of local people from the Teemore and Ballyconnell areas for the programme with possible interviews with members of the Quinn family.

In the statement this week, the Concerned Irish Citizens group invited everyone who wants "justice and fair play" for the Quinn family to attend the rally on Sunday.

"The very survival of our communities is at stake and your attendance is vital," said the statement, adding that public representatives have also declared an interest in attending.

"It is time for us all to unite and stand in solidarity with those who are being relentlessly and unjustly persecuted, to demand basic human rights and common decency and to send out a message loud and clear that we have had enough. We were promised transparency, accountability and fairness and we demand all three now."

They accuse the Anglo Irish Bank and others of a cover up and that the Quinn family have been denied the opportunity to defend their name.

"In a week when the shameful statistics were revealed that 87,000 people were forced to leave our shores and that the gross cost of bailing out IBRC is 52 billion euro, the story that made front page news in one of the leading national Sunday newspapers was about how much Sean Quinn's daughter may or may not have spent on her wedding cake," the group said.

The group want answers to questions such as why Quinn's proposal to repay 2.8 billion euro was discarded and why was the Quinn Group seized prior to the legitimacy of the debt being established in a court of law.

They say the rally on Sunday will provide answers to many of their questions.

The group also denied reports that a collection will be taken up at the rally.

"Concerned Irish Citizens reiterate once again that no buckets will be passed around at the rally and nobody will be asked for money," the added