A man was allegedly held in a fire during a fight at a house in Enniskillen, a court has been told.

When his girlfriend went to his assistance his attacker allegedly tore a strip of charred flesh from his back and tossed it into the flames.

Appearing in the dock at Fermanagh Court was 38-year-old Derek Larkin, from Underwood Park, Cavanaleck, Enniskillen. He is charged with unlawfully and maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm on Sean Rowley.

A police officer told the court he was fully aware of the facts and circumstances of the case and believed he could connect Larkin with the charge.

Outlining police objections to bail, he said that in the early hours of October 18, the injured party had been out socialising in Enniskillen. He had been in a few different bars and Larkin's girlfriend had been in contact with his girlfriend and suggested they go back to their place. The injured party did not know how the altercation began but remembered standing up and taking off his shirt. He alleged Larkin then got up and struck him in the face and a struggle took place.

The officer said the injured party would say that during that struggle Larkin pushed him into the fire and held him there and he suffered third degree burns. The injured party would also say that while he was lying on the floor being attended to by his girlfriend, Larkin tore a piece of charred flesh from his back and threw it into the fire.

The officer pointed out that the incident happened a few days ago. He said the injured party was initially treated at the South West Acute Hospital before being transferred to the burns unit of the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. It was only then, when the full extent of his injuries was discovered, that the police were called in.

He said Larkin only came here four weeks ago on a visit but had decided to stay with his girlfriend. They were on the same "back to work" scheme as the injured party and his girlfriend.

District Judge Liam McNally said police objections to bail were "understandable" given the background to the case but given the length of time it would take before the trial was "up and running" he would grant Larkin bail.

He set bail at �500, with a cash surety of �1,500, on condition that Larkin resides at an address on the Swanlinbar Road, Enniskillen, reports to Enniskillen Police Station three days each week and has no contact with three named witnesses. In addition he is not to enter licensed premises nor consume alcohol and submit to a preliminary breath test when required.