SINN Fein Councillor Barry Doherty wants Fermanagh District Council to seek an "outright ban" on fracking.

The Erne West politician, who wants the council to progress on from its current position of calling for a moratorium on the controversial practice, says he has seen nothing from Tamboran, the company behind proposals to drill for shale gas in parts of Fermanagh, that makes him think it is suitable for the county.

"They have promised chemical free practices untried anywhere in the world and expect us to take them at their word that no harm to our environment will result from their actions. Like thousands of people the world over, especially those living with fracking on their doorsteps, I cannot and will not take them at their word; the weight of evidence suggests to do so would be irresponsible." Mr Doherty says the council have had limited contact with Tamboran and have adopted a position that "if Tamboran need to talk to the council they will talk to us all".

"The latest correspondence we have received states that Tamboran have no intention of drilling or extracting until at least late 2014. There are many things the company needs to do before this can happen and it is vital that we as responsible representatives use this time to lobby hard for an outright ban on this process.

"We in Sinn Fein will continue to lobby at the Assembly and in Dail Eireann to ensure that those in opposition to this practice will have a loud and effective voice," he added.