ASHBOURNE Manor residents should soon see the confusion over their street lighting saga coming to a successful conclusion.

This newspaper recently reported how home owners living in the Enniskillen housing area had been literally left in the dark over who is responsible for fixing their street lighting.

But according to Fermanagh and South Tyrone MLA, Tom Elliott, a solution to the problem has now been made.

Nineteen of the 32 street lights in the residential area were not working last week.

Frustrated residents told The Impartial Reporter that the problem had been ongoing for some time.

But Mr. Elliott believes the "inaction of statutory authorities" with regards Ashbourne Manor has now been addressed thanks to his representation to Roads Service and NI Water.

"Following representation of a resident of Ashbourne Manor I have been working to resolve the matter of Roads Service not repairing the lights in the development. When I first contacted Roads Service in relation to lighting concerns, following representation to me, I was made aware that the development was not adopted and it was due to a Northern Ireland Water issue.

"I then contacted NI Water and was informed some weeks ago that following my representation they have adopted the development. I have informed Roads Service who should now be in a position to repair the street lighting problem," said Mr Elliott.

However, it seems Roads Service believe there are still some outstanding matters to be resolved before the area can finally be adopted.

A DRD Roads Service spokeswoman said: "Roads Service is not yet responsible for the street lighting in Ashbourne Manor. We have been working closely with the developer and monitoring the progress made by them as they complete the work required before the area can be adopted by Road Service. The developer is continuing to fulfil his responsibilities and the road will be adopted in due course when the work is complete."