A masked "gunman" who went into Enniskillen Police Station to see a prisoner asked if they thought he was a "f--king Provo".

Robert Smyth, of Tattygare Heights, Lisbellaw, was fined �150 when he appeared at Fermanagh Court and admitted being disorderly in the police station on November 1, last year.

A prosecutor explained that 25-year-old Smyth entered the enquiry room at the police station with a black Hallowe'en mask pulled down over his face and positioned his hands so that it looked like he was shooting a firearm. The officer behind the counter asked him what he wanted. He said he wanted to see his friend, who was in custody. He was told that he couldn't as it was Hallowe'en and they were busy.

He asked the officer: "What do you think I am, a f--king Provo? If I was you would know about it."

He was jumping about and there was a strong smell of intoxicating liquor from him. He produced a newspaper and bar of chocolate and ordered the officer to give them to his friend.

"Just give it to him now you f--king balloon," he told the officer, adding: "I want a receipt."

When cautioned for being disorderly he replied: "So what. What do you get, a slap on the wrist."

Defence solicitor Gary Smyth said Smyth was intoxicated and behaved in a very inappropriate way.

"He was well-intentioned when he went in but how he conducted himself was entirely inappropriate," stated Mr. Smyth.