FORMER businessman Sean Quinn has said he has accepted that his family "scored some own goals" in relation to its battle with the former Anglo Irish Bank.

In a letter to supporters, including some of those who took part in the rallies organised in his honour last year, Mr Quinn expressed his gratitude.

"I regret that it has taken me so long to write to you, to thank you for your public support for me and our family. It was very courageous of you, in the face of the huge anti-Quinn lobby, to be seen to support us publicly."

Mr Quinn stated that he has "no doubt" that his family's position will be "vindicated in time."

He wrote: "I fully accept that we have scored some own goals and have thereby facilitated Anglo in their efforts to destroy us. I however, have owned up to my mistakes and I have accepted responsibility for my part in this sorry saga."

"Do the other individuals and bodies that have been responsible for the destruction of our Group and our communities not need to explain their actions, as it has already cost the Irish taxpayer over �4 billion? It is not inconceivable that it will cost the same again over the next five years."

The businessman added that he had "the capacity and the willingness to pay back all of the debt, including the disputed debt."

"I wrote to Mr (Mike) Aynsley (IBRC CEO) in February 2010 outlining to him that his debt would be reduced by �400 million at the end of 2012."