Dublin Socialist Party MEP Paul Murphy, Friends of the Earth, Eirigi and Unite are the latest to join Derry socialist Eamon McCann and local socialists in a mass protest in Enniskillen on the first day of the G8.

Meeting at Enniskillen Library at 6.30pm on Monday, June 17, several thousand protesters are expected to make their way on buses from Belfast, Dublin and Londonderry. They plan to walk out to the security fence on the road to the Lough Erne Resort. Earlier that day, the protesters plan to take a flotilla out onto the Lough to express their concerns at around 4pm.

It is understood that plans for a concert are unlikely to come to fruition but impromptu anti G8 music performances may break out around the town during the protest.

Protesters will include anti-war activists, trade unionists, pro-Palestinian lobbyists and environmentalists, including those who disagree with proposals to start fracking in Fermanagh.

A poster seen by hundreds who attended the annual May Day march and rally in Belfast called for people opposed to "the dictatorship of the markets and bankers, state repression and war" to demonstrate against the G8.

The G8 Not Welcome facebook page which has 506 likes, also promotes the poster, inviting protesters to the peaceful protest supported by Paul Murphy MEP and Unite the Union, anti fracking groups and many others.

"The G8 leaders promoted the poisonous fracking process on behalf of their oil and gas industry buddies after last year's summit," the poster says.

"Boards and banners erected to paper over all the empty shops, derelict work sites and dilapidated buildings won't improve a thing. It's just to pretend that everything is okay when it's not," it adds.

Meanwhile, Fermanagh District Council has confirmed that it will not provide camping facilities for protesters during the summit as it could not provide a suitable site. It has also decided that no camping will be allowed on council property." When asked by SDLP Councillor Frank Britton whether planned protests require approval from the Parades Commission, Chief Executive Brendan Hegarty referred the matter back to the next policy and resources committee on Wednesday 22 May. No such protest is currently listed on the Parades Commission website.