The two Garth Brooks concerts at which Nathan Carter was due to perform are reportedly to be cancelled.

Nathan Carter's management team have told Impartial that they have heard "absolutely nothing" from any official sources.

Dublin City Council has issued a statement saying that it has granted permission for three of the five proposed Garth Brooks Concerts in Croke Park. It has not granted permission for the Monday, July 28 or Tuesday, July 29, the gigs that country star Nathan had been looking forward to.

400,000 tickets have already been sold for the five sold-out shows.

The Council said that “both Croke Park Stadium and Aiken Promotions (Ireland) promote and operate well organised and safe events and that these events make a significant contribution to the economy of Dublin.” It said that, in making its decision, it met with Croke Park, Aiken Promotions, members of the public and businesses. It also received 373 submissions from members of the public on this licence application.

The council said it did not want to set a precedent for increasing the number of concerts in Croke Park. It pointed out that three of the proposed Garth Brooks concerts were on week nights, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. It pointed out that if it allowed five Garth Brooks concerts on top of three One Direction concerts, this would have doubled the previous maximum number per year.

Aiken Promotions have said they are very disappointed by the decision.

Nathan Carter's management team said: “We have heard absolutely nothing from any official sources, apart from what we are reading online.”