All politicians must now “try to heal the wounds”, says Green Party’s Tanya Jones following what she said was a “wasteful, very divisive election.”
“Voters were put under a lot of pressure to prop up the biggest parties. It’s a great credit to the people of Fermanagh that so many had the courage and vision to resist that pressure and especially that 550 people gave their first preference to the Green Party,” she said.
The challenge now for the “polarised parties” is to find a way to “co-operate for the common good.” 
As for her future Mrs. Jones said: “I’m looking forward now to getting back to the crime novel set in Fermanagh that I’m currently writing, and to working and campaigning on the vital local issues that led me into Green politics, and where my heart lies.”
Meanwhile, Green Party leader Steven Agnew said: “There remains an opportunity to get things up and running and deliver good government for the people of Northern Ireland.”
“The time is now for the traditional parties to put delivery, accountability and transparency ahead of narrow party interests. Ninety MLAs have secured their jobs for another term, now it’s up to us to secure jobs and positive outcomes for others.”