Delighted Fermanagh parents Donna and Bernard (Barney) Megraw are taking the recent arrivals of their triplet sons all in their stride. 

In fact, the four-week-old bundles of joy, Manus, Ryan and Rowan, who are non identical, are settling in well at the family home in Celtic Park, Enniskillen, where they have joined their older siblings - sister Louise, aged 14, and brother Tiernan, nine.

The much loved youngsters were born on March 15, at the Altnagelvin Hospital, Londonderry. Ryan was the heaviest baby, weighing in at 4lbs. 12ozs., Rowan was 4lbs. 2ozs., and Manus was 4lbs. 1oz.

“I feel blessed to have them,” says Donna, who described her pregnancy as “stress free” and she felt it was “no harder than having one baby”.

There were no multiples in either family - her’s or Barney’s, according to Donna, who admits they are “kept going with them.”

Donna says it takes a long time to go anywhere and she mentions that “everyone is lovely.” She said: “A lot of people have said they have not seen triplets before and everyone wants to look at them.”

The babies who remained in hospital for 12 days before coming home on March 27 “have been healthy from the minute they were born.”

Donna went every day to see them and felt it was lovely to get them home. She explained that she actually went into labour on the day that it was planned for her to go into hospital for a section. “It was just as we were the leaving the house,” said Donna, adding that they travelled on to the Altnagelvin. She admits “it was a scary journey”, but it all worked out well in the end.

“The triplets were delivered naturally,” she said, adding: “They were meant to come that day and decided that they were coming one way or the other.”

For Barney, a self employed boiler engineer, and Donna, a Model School kitchen assistant, the routine that has been established with their three babies is “very good” and Donna feels it has been going well so far. She acknowledges that Barney helps out a lot too, and he gets up at night as well.