On March 29, Rachel Wilson, her mum Anne, and her sisters, Chloe, Hannah, and Lydia (pictured above) cut their hair at Clogher Valley Independent Christian School to donate it to the Little Princess Trust.

As recorded in The Impartial Reporter in recent weeks, their fundraising efforts were also for Marie Curie’s Great Daffodil Appeal (GDA). 

Rachel explained she was inspired to do this after meeting someone over a year ago who had donated their hair.

Local hairdresser Fiona McFarland, from Hair Works came and plaited their hair at the required length and their friends from school cut the plaits off.

Rachel says Fiona did an excellent job and they went to her salon after school for styling.

She noted: “My mum is part of the Marie Curie Nursing service helping to care for terminally ill patients and March was their Great Daffodil Appeal. As well as donating our hair we have raised money for the Little Princess Trust. Thanks to our sponsors and online donators we have raised £700 so far.”

She added: “You can still donate to the Little Princess Trust by going to wwwjustgiving.com and you can find a page “Anne and her four daughters’ hair cut”.”

Rachel said she is really glad to have had this opportunity to help others. “It was a special day at our school which l will always remember,” she said.