A number of Fermanagh Super Cup players had to be rescued from the sea in Bundoran this morning.

The players had entered the water at Tallan Strand to cool down following a training session but the strong currents carried a number of them into the rocks.

The Coast Guard were called and both the inshore lifeboat from Bundoran and the Sligo based Rescue 118 helicopter attended the scene.

Meanwhile, a group of quick thinking surfers, one of who is crew member with Bundoran RNLI, entered the water on boards and helped the footballers to safety.

Fermanagh Super Cup Chairman Dessie Kerr commented: "We can confirm that the Premier team were on a team building exercise in Bundoran this morning.

"The boys were in the sea and some got into minor difficulty and a number had to be take to Sligo University Hospital.

"We are pleased to say that all the boys are alright.

"Our attention at this minute is making sure that the boys are looked after and in time we will look at exactly what happened."