SHE'S the little girl with the big heart. 
Sorcha McCauley, a pupil at Holy Trinity Primary School, lives outside Enniskillen. She has a brother, Tiernan (13), and a sister Roisin who is just over nine weeks old. 
Sorcha has been inspired by her seven-year-old friend Eloise Singleton, who has been battling acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, to give her hair away in the hope of helping others.
“As September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month my beautiful eight year old daughter has decided to get her hair cut short and donate it to The Little Princess Trust,” her mother Lianne explained. 
“She wants other little girls to have plaits," she said.

Here Sorcha tells Lakeland Life about herself... 

Taylor Swift or Michael Jackson?
I like Taylor Swift, I don't like old music like Michael Jackson. Taylor's music is really good, it's really catchy. I like her music videos. I dance, I sometimes copy her. I like her new song; Look What You Made Me Do and Bad Blood. Michael Jackson's music is too old and too boring!

The Thundermans or CBBC?
Thundermans is about a family and they all have super powers and they have to hide them. But the twins have troubling hiding their powers. I watch it every day. I don't really like CBBC because I never watch it. I do like Henry Danger as well, they fight villains.

Outdoors or indoors?
I like riding on my bike, I like going on my Flicker, and playing catch with Aiden Gilroy (her mother's partner). I do like being inside but I prefer outside. Sometimes I skip.

Lip syncing or singing?
Singing, definitely singing! I sing about a million times a day. I sing everything. Mummy calls me Jukebox Baby because I know every song that comes on in the car. I have been singing Ed Sheeran songs. There is an app where you can lip sync songs where you can do comedy songs or your own voice. But I like singing more.

iPod or iPhone?
I don't have a phone, so the iPod is my favourite. It is connected to Mummy's phone so I can listen to music. It has a camera, photos, games and folders.

David Walliams or JK Rowling?
I love reading, I read every night and in school. I am reading Harry Potter and I have read all of David Walliams' books. He's really funny. I can't say what my favourite one is; I like Gangsta Granny and the World's Worst Children. I like Billionaire Boy too. I like JK Rowling too because she is very creative.

Walking or running?
Running! It's a lot faster. I like to run around the house, outside the house. I run, walk, run, walk.

Dog or cat?
Dog. I like to play with our dog Thunder, he's a Golden Labrador. We've had him for three years. He was named after The Thundermans. His first name was Chubby because he was so chubby (she laughs) but we had to change it now he is skinny.

Cinema or Netflix?
I like the cinema because I like the popcorn and I like the sweets. We have Netflix and sometimes I watch it if there is a new TV episode on it but I don't watch it that much.

Think of yourself or think of others?
Others! I am getting my hair cut, it has always been long and now I am getting it cut. I want other girls to have long hair that they can grow. We had a target of £500 and we have £460 so we might change the target. I am really happy.

Since publication that figure has increased to over £1,000.

Sorcha McCauley's 'epic hair cut' will take place tomorrow (Saturday, September 30). To donate, visit: