by Sean Paul Curry 

Proposals by the Western Health and Social Care Trust to save £12.5 million have caused a lot of anxiety in the local community.

That could be seen and heard in full force last night when the public meeting at the Lakeland Forum was postponed.

Huge numbers arrived to have their say but the room was too small and the meeting will now take place on Monday night (7pm at the Lakeland Forum) instead.

Impartial Reporter:

Photo: Donnie Phair. 

'Shambolic' meeting to discuss Trust's £12.5 million saving plan postponed as room too small​

Many of the people who turned up last night expressed their views on why these services must remain here, just like the hundreds who spoke out at a meeting at the Killyhevlin Hotel earlier this month did too.

What is clear is this: people who have worked hard all their lives deserve to live their older years knowing that if they have a stroke they will be well looked after and not put in danger by travelling long distances. The same goes for all those expectant mums who may need neo natal services here at home, not miles away.

One positive to come from this situation is the coming together of the entire community from all walks of life.

When something like this happens it is important that the community works together. In situations like this there is no political divide, we are one, and that could be seen again last night.

Impartial Reporter:

Photo: Donnie Phair.

Although there was so much anger it was truly heart warming to see a community come together. I am sure I am not the only one to feel hugely proud to see us all stand together and voice our concerns.

During the meeting at the Killyhevlin Hotel earlier this month, Dean Kenneth Hall, the Dean of the People, voiced his view and that of everyone in the room that we need our political representatives at Stormont doing their jobs and fighting for our rights. It is high time they get there, that they work together and they speak up for the people who put them in that position.

Where do we go from here? In my view we keep making our points, we should not let people forget how much we need this stroke unit or the neo natal unit at South West Acute Hospital and how much we appreciate the support and care of all the staff.

I have to say, it is good to know that we can come together to stand up for these common and important issues.

Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much.