The closure of Derrylin Post Office has caused inconvenience to business people and the elderly, according to disgruntled locals.

The Post Office, which was situated in McGovern’s Chemist, closed on September 16 following the resignation of the postmaster.

A Post Office spokesman said the closure is “temporary” and it is “currently investigating the options available which will enable us to reinstate a Post Office service to the local community.”

The spokesman also urged locals to use Kinawley or Macken Post Offices in the interim period.

However, businessman Pat Rooney said: “I would have thought there could have been a seamless transfer, rather than this disruption to the community.”

Owner of IMS Insurance, Mr. Rooney outlined the “extra cost” to businesses who have to travel to Kinawley or Macken to carry out transactions.

“I had to pay someone to drive to Kinawley for the sake of one letter which had to be registered delivery. It’s an additional cost and it’s an hour out of their working day,” he said.

“There is a population who isn’t affected too much but there’s also a vulnerable population who are affected by this,” Mr. Rooney continued. 

“There is a small estate here, a fold, which is occupied by elderly people. For those people who would have been able to walk or cycle to the Post Office to conduct their business, that’s no longer available to them and they will have the inconvenience of trying to arrange lifts. 
“There are people on the rural periphery who are disadvantaged hugely,” he said.
“We would urge the Post Office to reinstate a Post Office in Derrylin as soon as possible,” Mr. Rooney stated.

Brian McManus added: “There is an ageing community in this rural mountainside area. [The spokesman] says it is okay to travel to Kinawley or Macken; it’s not okay.

“Not everyone in this rural area is up to speed on modern communications. They rely on the postal service.”

He added: “All we are left with in Derrylin is a postal box.
“I’m not sure if our political representatives were informed of this closure but it’s terrible that we as a community have to gather together without their input.”

Mr. McManus concluded: “In many ways we find that services are being withdrawn from rural Fermanagh; we are left in the lurch.”

The Post Office spokesman said: 
“Following the resignation of the postmaster Derrylin Post Office closed temporarily on 16 September.
“We know how important Post Office services are to people in the area and we apologise to customers for the inconvenience caused. 
“Any customers wishing to access Post Office services may do so from any convenient Post Office branch, including: Kinawley Post Office and Macken Post Office.
“We would like to assure customers that we are currently investigating the options available which will enable us to reinstate a Post Office service to the local community,” the statement ended.