More than 100 classes brimming with creative talent

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Clogher Show

THE Home Industries section of this year's Clogher Valley Show was once again brimming with creative talent from Fermanagh and South Tyrone.

Barbara Carleton, Springfield, winner of the David Jackson Memorial Cup for most points in the flower section.

With well over 100 classes ranging from crafts, floral art, homebaking, preserves and photography, there was something to get everyone's creative juices flowing.

Old favourites including fruitcakes, wheaten bread and traybakes attracted, as always, plenty of entrants.

But new additions to this year's line up took on themes such as an Olympic exhibit and an Afternoon Tea, Titanic style.

Brookeborough's Annika Latimer proved her worth in the baking section, winning, among others, first place in the Decorated Cup Cakes class.

And Lisnaskea's Pearl Elliott, a regular winner at Clogher Show, had another successful year, winning a number of classes in the baking and jams sections.



Basket consisting of at least three types of vegetables: 1, Ms Deirdre McCann, Dungannon.

Basket consisting of Home Grown Fruit: 1, Deirdre McCann

Decorated Vegetable e.g. funny face animal etc. (Primary School children): 1, Peter Clarke, Augher Central PS; 2, Augher Central PS.


Vase of Mixed Sweet Pea, at least 10 spikes: 1 and 2, Mrs Barbara Carleton, Fivemiletown; 3, Ms Deirdre McCann.

Hanging Basket: 1, 2 and 3, Ms Deirdre McCann.

Two Dahlia, Blooms: 1 and 2, Ms Deirdre McCann.

Roses - Floribunda - Three blooms: 1, Mrs Dympna Magee, Aughnacloy; 2, Mrs F Stubber, Fivemiletown; 3, Mr Gordon McLaren, Augher.

Flowering Potted Geranium: 1, Mrs Barbara Carleton; 2, Mrs Isabell Johnston, Dungannon; 3, Mrs Pearl Elliott, Lisnaskea.

Three Pansies: 1, Mrs Pearl Elliott; 2, Mr Roy Maxwell, Cookstown; 3, Mrs Beryl Boyd, Clogher.

Three stems of herbaceous perennials. (Excluding flowering shrub): 1, Mrs Barbara Carleton; 2, Mrs Dympna Magee; 3, Mrs F Stubber.

Three stems of Flowering Shrub: 1, Amelia Moore, Dungannon; 2 and 3, Mrs Barbara Carleton.

Any flowering Pot Plant (Excluding succulents and Cacti)-Limit 2ft in height: 1, Mrs Margaret Montgomery, Dungannon; 2, Mr Gordon McLaren; 3, Mrs Barbara Carleton.

Cactus or succulent in pot: 1, 2 and 3, Mrs Barbara Carleton.

Foliage plant: 1, Mrs Barbara Carleton; 2 and 3, Ms Deirdre McCann.

Fuchsia plant: 1 and 2, Mr Roy Maxwell;3, Mrs Barbara Carleton.


Dressed scarecrow Maximum height 5 feet (School children): 1, Phil and Thomas, Clogher Valley Ind Christian School, Fivemiletown; 2, Ruth Fannin, Clogher.

Jug of wild flowers showing variety of species. (Condition taken into consideration). Confined to Primary School children: 1, Zara Troughton, Ballygawley; 2, Rachel Barrett, Ballygawley; 3, Ellie Boyd, Clogher.

Olymipics/Golf - An exhibit in a welly boot . Accessories allowed. Confined to Primary School children: 1, Zara Troughton; 2, Leah Maxwell, Ballygawley.

Candlestick Arrangement - An exhibit of flowers not exceeding 12" inches / 30cms (Secondary school age): 1, Rachel Bleasdale, Drumquin.


An exhibit of flowers as you like them not to exceed 24"inches / 60 cms: 1, Marion McGee, Tynan; 2, Mrs MFM Burrows, Cookstown; 3, Mrs Gillian Brown, Cookstown.

Beautiful leaves.

An exhibit of foliage No berries. Arranged in continental slyle. Width not to exceed 24 inches / 60 cms: 1, Mrs MFM Burrows; 2, Marion McGee; 3, Mrs Violet Little, Ballygawley.

All white exhibit for wedding -An exhibit of flowers width not to exceed 24 inches / 60cms: 1, Mrs Ann O'Brien, Crumlin; 2, Ruth Blackburn, Clogher; 3, Mrs MFM Burrows.

Corsage for a formal function: 1, Mrs Ann O'Brien; 2, Marion McGee; 3, Mrs Violet Little.


Fruit Cake, rich: 1 and 2, Pearl Elliott; 3, Mrs Heather Robinson, Fivemiletown.

Fruit Cake, light: 1 and 2, Mrs Pearl Elliott; 3, Mrs Caroline Condy, Dungannon.

Chocolate butter sandwich: 1, Mrs Caroline Condy; 2, Mrs Heather Robinson; 3, Mrs Margaret McKenna, Augher.

Meringue topped Pie. (Max.size 8" dia.): 1, Mrs Caroline Condy; 2, Mrs Vera Allen, Cookstown.

Sultana Cake: 1, Mrs Pearl Elliott; 2, Mrs Vera Allen; 3, Mrs Violet Little.

Boiled cake: 1, Mrs Sandra Blackburn; 2, Mrs Violet Little; 3, Mrs May Purdy, Dungannon

Carrot Cake: 1, Mrs Dawn Liggett, Drumquin; 2, Rebecca Johnston, Dungannon; 3, Caroline Condy.

Decorated Cup Cakes (Judged on Decoration) Displayed on 2 tier cake stand: 1, Annika Latimer, Brookeborough; 2, Caroline Condy; 3, Jessica Holland, Aughnacloy.

Swiss Roll Jam Filled: 1, Caroline Condy; 2, Heather Robinson; 3, Violet Little

Fruit Tart (shortcrust pastry): Mrs Christine Garland, Clogher; 2, Vera Allen; 3, Doris Anderson, Dungannon.

Shortbread: 1, Christine Garland; 2, Ruth Patterson; 3, Caroline Condy.

Wheaten Bread: 1, Caroline Condy; 2 and 3, Pearl Elliott.

My favorite Scones. (4 ) (cut or size 5cms / 2inches): 1, Pearl Elliott; 2, Mrs Sadie Kyle, Fivemiletown; 3, Gillian Rogers, Ballygawley.

Savoury quiche (Max size 10") or Your favourite that's not in the schedule: 1, Sadie Kyle; 2,Isabell Johnston.

Selection of 6 traybakes (can be up to 3 varieties): 1, Mrs Kathryn Wilson, Fivemiletown; 2, Jessica Holland; 3, Gillian Rodgers.

Afternoon Tea Titanic Style ( Confined to W.I. Members): 1, Beragh; 2, Fivemiletown WI; 3, Augher WI.

Afternoon Tea displayed on a 3 Tier Cake Stand: 1, Annika Latimer; 2, Julie Robinson, Ballygawley; 3, Rachel Bleasdale.

Decorated Pizza (confined to Primary school children): 1, Lucy Stewart, Aughnacloy; 2, Anna Robinson, Ballygawley.

Novelty Birthday Cake decorated with butter or fondant icing & sweets (confined to Secondary school aged children): 1, Annika Latimer; 2, Hannah Griffin, Cookstown.


1 pot of Gooseberry Jam: 1, Sadie Kyle; 2, Pearl Elliott; 3, Caroline Condy.

1 pot of Rhubarb Jam: 1, Age Concern Cookstown; 2, Pearl Elliott;3, Lynn McLaren, Augher.

1 pot of Strawberry Jam: 1, Caroline Condy; 2, Sandra Blackburn, Clogher; 3, Lynn McLaren.

1 pot of Raspberry Jam: 1, Pearl Elliott; 2, Sandra Blackburn; 3, Lynn McLaren.

1 pot of Blackcurrant Jam: 1, Violet Little; 2, Heather Robinson; 3, Mrs Pearl Elliott.

1 pot of Jelly: 1, Mrs Sadie Kyle; 2, Pearl Elliott.

1 pot of Marmalade: 1, Mrs Roma Griffin, Cookstown; 2, Amelia Moore; 3, May Purdy.


A scarf of your own creation ( hand made): 1, Dympna Magee; 2, Hannah Catterall, Armagh; 3, Eileen Stewart, Dungannon

Hand Knitting - a child's garment: 1, Adeleen Maxwell, Cookstown; 2 and 3, Age Concern Cookstown, Joint 3, Ann Marie Fee, Age Care, Dungannon.

Hand-knitting - a lumber jacket or other garment in heavy wool: 1 and 2, Ann Fee, Age Care, Dungannon; 3, Margaret Burrows, Age Care, Dungannon.

Any article knit using oddments of wool: 1, Caroline Fee, Age Care, Dungannon; 2, Margaret Montgomery, Dungannon; 3, Margaret Burrows.

Any adult's garment, handknitted in double knitting wool: 1, Ann Marie Fee; 2 and 3 Age Concern Cookstown

Blankets, any size, Knitted or crocheted in wool: 1, Adeleen Maxwell; 2, Mary T McGirr, Augher; 3, Dympna Magee.

Blanket, knitted or crocheted - confined to Special Care competitors: 1, 2 and 3, Ann Marie Fee; Joint 3, Vera McCrudin, Age Care, Dungannon.

Any Knitted toy - Confined to Special Care competitors. Hand Knit Toy to be donated to local A&E after Show: 1, 2 and 3, Ann Marie Fee.

A dressed doll (crocheted,knitted or sewn) Confined to Special Care competitors: 1, 2 and 3, Ann Marie Fee.

Any Crocheted article confined to Special Care competitors: 1, Ann Fee; 2 and 3, Age Concern Cookstown.

Crochet - Any article, in cotton, including filet crochet (Church work, etc.): 1 and 3, Mary T McGirr; 2, Ida Reid, Dungannon.

Hand made Get Well Card: 1 and 3, Doreen Millar, Augher; 2, Anne Wilson, Fivemiletown.

Any embroidered article: 1, Mary T McGirr; 2, Valerie McKeown, Belfast; 3, Age Concern Cookstown.

Wall Hanging Machine/Handsewn - can be either or a mixture of both: 1 and 2, Valerie McKeown.

Cross stitch picture framed: 1, Eveline Simpson, Dungannon; 2, May Purdy; 3, Hannah Catterall.

Any item of cross stitch (non framed): 1, Elaine Barrett, Ballygawley; 2, Ivy Hamilton, Dungannon; 3, Olive Holland, Aughnacloy.

Item of hand made jewellery: 1, Violet Little; 2, Sharon Thomson, Trillick; 3, May Purdy.

Painting or Drawing - Confined to Special Care : 1, 2 and 3, Age Concern Cookstown.

Needlework - not covered by any other class; 1, Violet Little; 2, Age Concern Cookstown.


Colour Photograph - Portrait to be taken by the exhibitor; 1, Ryan Thompson, Clogher; 2, Wendy McLaren, Augher; 3, Pamela Stewart, Dungannon.

Colour Photograph Pictorial by Amateur (Clogher Valley Scene): 1, Ryan Thompson; 2, Megan Kyle, Tamlaght; 3, Heather Robinson, Fivemiletown.

Colour Photograph - Animals: 1, Mrs MFM Burrows; 2, Rory Lowry, Fivemiletown; 3, Mrs Dawn Liggett.

Colour Photograph -Family Celebrations: 1, Hazel Thompson, Clogher; 2, Donna Millar, Augher; 3, Ryan Thompson.

Black & White Photograph: 1, Pamela Stewart, Dungannon; 2, Megan Kyle; 3, Jessica Holland.

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