Crowds attend Show in record numbers on opening day

Published: 9 Aug 2012 13:000 comments

Huge crowds of people from near and far were attracted to the opening evening of this year's Fermanagh County Show.

Andrea Cobain, Innishmore, Lisbellaw and daughters Holly (9) and Ruby (6), admiring the prizewinning floral displays.<

Andrea Cobain, Innishmore, Lisbellaw and daughters Holly (9) and Ruby (6), admiring the prizewinning floral displays.<

In fact, one of the largest crowds ever was reported at 5pm by Show Manager, Ann Orr.

The sun was shining and many family groups were among those pouring through the entrance gates throughout the afternoon to enjoy the many activities and attractions during the long established annual two-day event.

The official opening of the Food Hall was performed by John Henning, of the Northern Bank's agricultural department, sponsors and well-known Enniskillen butcher Pat O'Doherty launched his new book. Cookery demonstrations also took place throughout the evening.

Other popular attractions on Tuesday night included the dog show, the donkey derby, Young Farmers' Clubs games, and a rare breed display, while this year's Show also welcomed a new exhibition of model railways.

The home industries exhibits, which demonstrated a wealth of local talent, were greatly admired during the major event, with large numbers of people milling around the various eye-catching displays.

The number of trade stands this year had grown to a figure of 200 - ensuring that there was something for all ages and tastes at the 2012 Fermanagh County Show - which was blessed by fine weather over the two days.



Five eggs (brown) Hen: 1, Shelby Vance, Trillick; 2, Megan Morrow, Ballinamallard; 3, Simon and Peter Kidney, Lisbellaw.

Five eggs (white) Hen: 1, AH Elliott, Mullaghmeen; 2, Lady A Hamilton; 3, Andrew Kerr.

Five eggs, Duck; 1, AH Elliott; 2, Noel Coffey; 3, Adam Kerrigan, Irvinestown.


One section of Honey, unglazed, wrapped in cellophane paper: 2, Andrew Elliott, Florencecourt; 3, Nely Wilson, Tempo.

Extracted Honey in honey jar: 1, Graham Farthing, Maguiresbridge; 2, Andrew Elliott.


Lisgoole Cup, Three Dishes of Apples, (confined to competitors residing in Co Fermanagh): 1, Matthew Heaslip, Newtownbutler.

Two Dishes of Cooking Apples: 1, Jack Heaslip.

Five Apples - any recognised early variety: 1, Robert Orr, Lisbellaw.

Five Apples - any recognised late variety: 1, Robert Orr.

Five Apples, Bramley seedling: 1, John Brownlee, Newtownbutler.

Five Apples, Cooking. Any other variety. Named: 1, Tommie Heaslip, Newtownbutler.

Any other fruit not specified: 1, Abigail Farrelly, Irvinestown; 2, Raymond Bell, Enniskillen.

Collection of Fruit (at least 3 kinds) arranged to effect in a basket or bowl: 1, Abigail Farrelly.

Five Tomatoes: 1, Andrew Humphreys, Letterbreen; 2, Messrs Chartres and Farrell; 3, Raymond Bell.


Cluster Flowered Roses, 3 sprays: 1, Cecil Chartres; 2, Mrs Pearl Elliott, Lisnaskea; 3, Barbara Carleton, Enniskillen.

Climbing or rambling Roses, 3 sprays, to be shown in vase: 1, Stephanie Graham, Tamlaght; 2, Barbara Carleton; 3, Mrs Anne Kelly, Enniskillen.

Large flowered Roses, 3 stems: 1, Stephanie Graham; 2, Mrs Dorothy Humphreys, Letterbreen; 3, Marlene Hurst.

Patio or miniature rose, 3 sprays: 1, Mrs Anne Kelly; 2, Cecil Chartres.

Cactus or semi-Cactus Dahlias, 3 blooms, to be shown in vase: 1 and 2, Cecil Chartes.

Decorative Dahlias, 3 blooms, to be show in vase: 1 and 2, Cecil Chartres.

Dahlias, Pom-Pom or ball type, one vase of three blooms: 1, Cecil Chartres.

Begonias, 3 blooms: 1, Cecil Chartres.

Pansy, one variety or mixed varieties, 5 blooms, assorted: 1, Cecil Chartres; 2, Stephanie Graham.

Sweet Pea. One vase in one distinct colour, 10 stems to vase: 1, Charles Plunkett; 2, Barbara Carleton; 3, Cecil Chartres.

Sweet Pea. 10 stems, in mixed colours; to be shown in one vase: 1, Charles Plunkett; 2, Cecil Chartres; 3, Barbara Carleton.

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Florencecourt Cup, Hardy Herbaceous Perennials: 1, Barbara Carleton.

Collection of rock plants: 1, Barbara Carleton.

Hardy Cut Flowers of bulbous, tuberous or rhizomatous plants, blooming in the open air: 1, Barbara Carleton; 2, Stephanie Graham; 3, Mrs Joan Nixon, Tamlaght.

Gladioli, 3 spikes in one vase, 3 different colours: 1, Cecil Chartres.

Gladioli, 1 spike in vase: 1 and 2, Cecil Chartres; 3, Laura Courtney, Lisbellaw.

Antirrhinums. One vase with three spikes: 1, Cecil Chartres.

Cacti, one plant in pot: 1, Barbara Carleton.

Succulent, single plant in pot: 1 and 2, Barbara Carleton; 3, Kath Turner, Clabby.

Collection of Cacti and/or other Succulents, in one container: 1, Barbara Carleton.

Plant in Flower, one pot, excluding Geranium or Pelargonium: 1, Martha Lowry Corry; 2, Barbara Carleton.

Geranium or Pelargonium, any variety to be shown, in pot: 1, Pearl Elliott, Lisnaskea; 2, Barbara Carleton.

Foliage Plant or Fern, non-blooming, to be shown in pot: 1 and 2, Barbara Carleton; 3, Martha Lowry Corry.

Flowering Shrubs, vase of 4 varieties of one kind: 1, Lady A Hamilton; 2, Barbara Carleton.

Flowering Shrubs, vase of 4 kinds: 1, Barbara Carleton; 2, Lady A Hamilton; 3, Mrs Joan Nixon.

Flower Exhibit classes

BEST IN SHOW: Irene Gibson


THE PRESCOTT TROPHY: James Johnston, Irvinestown

THE W I TROPHY: Joan Nixon, Tamlaght WI

THE IRENE CHAMBERS CUP: Lorraine Birney, Kesh

"GARDENERS CORNER" An Exhibit: 1, Mrs Rhoda Farrelly, Irvinestown

"SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL" (Petite): 1, Mrs Norma M Ross, Enniskillen; 2, Mrs Rhoda Farrelly; 3, Mrs Irene Gibson, Irvinestown.

"WAYS WITH DRIFTWOOD'': 1, Mrs Irene Gibson; 2, Mrs Rhoda Farrelly; 3, Mrs Helen Sproule, Castlederg.

"CANDLEABRA ELEGANCE'': 1, Rhoda Farrelly; 2, Helen Sproule.


Corsage for a Lady. - To be staged on a black background: 1, Violet Carrothers, Tempo; 2, Miss Lucinda Farrelly, Irvinestown; 3, Hazel Johnston, Irvinestown.

Gent's Buttonhole - To be staged on a black background: 1, Lorraine Birney; 2, Hazel Johnston; 3, Violet Carrothers.


"HIGH SOCIETY": 1, Hazel Johnston; 2, Norma M Ross.

"COFFEE BREAK": 1, Lorraine Birney; 2, D Liggett, Drumquin


"FUN WITH COLOUR: 1, Emma Gibson, Irvinestown; 2, Hannah Birney, Kesh; 3, Megan Birney, Irvinestown.

"SEASIDE": 1, Julie Keys, Trillick; 2, Mary McGovern, Mullylogan; 3, Alice Graham, Garvary.


(Confined to Exhibitors under 14 Years of age.)

"IN A BOOT": 1, James Johnston, Irvinestown; 2, Jane Stinson.


W.I. Trophy, "80th CELEBRATIONS - in W I Colours": 1, Mrs Joan Nixon, Tamlaght WI; 3, Mrs Hazel McDonald, Lisnaskea WI.

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