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Poultry farm visit by group of students on agriculture course

Published: 11 Oct 2012 13:000 comments

A Fermanagh poultry farmer has demonstrated his enterprise to students from South West College.

Moy Park farmer Martin Cox pictured with students from South West College, Enniskillen, who are studying for a BTEC Diploma in Agriculture. The students visited one of Moy Park's new rearing farms in Enniskillen as part of their course along with Course Tutor, Dermot Dolan.

Martin Cox and his father Ciaran, run Hillcrest Poultry at Hillcrest, Derrychurra, Arney. But their enterprise is different from most poultry operations.

Instead of producing eggs for consumption or birds for the table, they produce pullets from day old chicks.

Working through Moy Park, the specialist rearing farm is in its second year of operation on the farm. The day-old chicks are delivered to Martin's farm ready for growing on and are despatched to breeding farms after 18 weeks. During that time, the young birds are closely monitored and checked for weight gain.

They diversified their suckler, beef and sheep farm to add the poultry enterprise after giving up dairy farming.

On Thursday, the group of students from South West College who are studying for a BTEC Diploma in Agriculture visited the farm along with Moy Park's technical staff to see the poultry enterprise.

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