Man jailed for placing human faeces on heater

Published: 17 Oct 2011 16:30

A 30-year-old man who tried to turn his own faeces into gold by putting it on an electric heater has been jailed for three months.

Paul Moran's bizarre experiment caused around £3,000 worth of damage to his Housing Executive flat at Derrin Park in Enniskillen.

He admitted arson and endangering the lives of others.

He was given a one-month concurrent sentence for throwing his excrement around a holding cell at Enniskillen Police Station.

Upon his release he will spend a further 12 months on licence.

His Honour Judge McFarland told him: "Rather bizarely you were attempting to make gold from human faeces and waste products."

He described it as "an interesting experiment to fulfil the alchemist's dream", adding that it was never going to succeed.

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