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Band launches first fan-funded debut album

Published: 26 Mar 2012 14:01

A Fermanagh band is believed to the the first local group to produce a fan-funded debut album.

Filthy Angels are producing a fan-funded debut album "in the spirit of punk rock".

Filthy Angels has launched an on-line Pledge campaign for an album that is currently being recorded. It allows fans to pre-order on-line thus funding the album before it is even completed.

"As far as we know, we do not kow anyone in the local scene to have done this, who has produced a fan-funded debut album. We feel it is the future of music, eliminating record companies. It is in the spirit of punk rock," said Matt Cassidy from the band.

Explaining the campaign, Matt added: "People come on to the website and make a pledge for the album. By pre-ordering, they get a range of exclusive stuff like bonus tracks that won't be available on the album.

"The main package people are going for is a £10 one where you get the album with bonus tracks and exclusive DVDs with footage from the last couple of tours and silly footage too".

Launched just ten days ago, they are already half way to their fund-raising target

The Filthy Angels' Pledge campaign runs for 60 days into mid-May.

Fans can take part in the Pledge campaign on

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