Tap water quality 'no significant health risk'

Published: 11 Aug 2012 15:12

No EU infractions have been incurred at Killyhevlin Water Treatment Works due to the water quality levels not reaching EU standards, Minister of Regional Development Mr. Danny Kennedy has told a local MLA.

Concerns have been raised by a local MLA over water treatment in Fermanagh.

Fermanagh and South Tyrone MLA and deputy chair of the Regional Development Committee, Seán Lynch said: "On a number of occasions within the last two years, routine monitoring of the Killyhevlin Water Treatment Works has illustrated that full compliance with the drinking water standards has not been met.

"On those occasions, constituents had reported complaints regarding the taste and odour of the water".

Mr. Lynch said that in a response to a question put to Minister Kennedy regarding the issue, he responded that the problem with the Killyhevlin Water Treatment Works occurred partly due to seasonal changes in the quality of untreated water taken from Upper Lough Erne, and that low levels of pesticide above the regulatory standard were also detected.

Mr. Lynch added: "However, Minister Kennedy does go on to say that on all occasions, there was no significant health risk and as part of the routine regulatory process, the Drinking Water Inspectorate was notified and the appropriate corrective actions were carried out. No EU infractions have been incurred at Killyhevlin Water Treatment Works or any of NI Water's water treatment works".

Mr. Lynch added: "I welcome the Consideration of Provisional Enforcement Order that has been issued to NI Water late last year, which requires them to put in place a number of corrective actions, which includes the enhancement of the treatment processes to prevent problems such as those which occurred at the Killyhevlin Water Treatment, occurring again in the future.

"In this day and age, people expect their water quality to be of the highest standards, and one would hope that Minister Kennedy continues to make use of the investment provided by the executive to maintain overall compliance with water quality standards and addressing localised issues".

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