Daddy could go to jail 'for years', says Aoife Quinn

Published: 16 Aug 2012 10:390 comments

THE daughter of bankrupt businessman Sean Quinn believes her father will join her brother Sean junior in Dublin's Mountjoy Prison.

Aoife Quinn appearing on TV3's Tonight programme.

Aoife Quinn appearing on TV3's Tonight programme.

Aoife Quinn, who appeared on TV3's Tonight programme with her husband Stephen Kelly, said her father has attempted to purge his contempt but without success.

"There's no way we would leave our brother sitting in Mountjoy prison tonight. This suggestion that anybody is sitting on their hands is absolutely false.

"Daddy has been declared bankrupt. There's no pot of gold there. You cannot give what you do not have. We do not have these assets, so we cannot give them back," she said.

Aoife said the family are willing to help the former Anglo Irish Bank - now known as the IBRC - try and find the assets and get them back.

"But unless Anglo accepts our proposal to do this, Sean is going to sit in jail and, unfortunately, it appears our father is going to join him there.

"And they are going to stay there until Anglo decides to co-operate, be that months or years, but unfortunately the decision is out of our hands," she added.

Last month Judge Elizabeth Dunne found the Quinns had broken court orders not to move assets beyond IBRC's reach.

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