Police assaulted in 'unsavoury' incident

Published: 26 Aug 2012 09:12

A 26-year-old Tesco worker grabbed a police officer by the jumper and told him to "f--k off" during what was described at Fermanagh Court as a "particularly unsavoury incident".

Edgardas Jurgelevicius, of Fairview Avenue, Enniskillen, was fined £300 when he admitted assaulting and resisting the police officer and being disorderly.

A prosecutor told the court that on Sunday, April 8, police responding to a call about men trying to break into a house at Lackaboy View in Enniskillen arrived at the scene and spoke to Jurgelevicius. He was asked to leave but became abusive, telling the officers to: "F--k off." There was a smell of intoxicating liquor from him and he was unsteady on his feet. He was again told to calm down but grabbed a police officer's jumper in the area of the chest. He was arrested, and resisted police attempting to handcuff him.

Defence solicitor, Mr. David Buchanan, described it as a "particularly unsavoury incident". It was early in the morning and Jurgelevicius and two other men had been drinking. They went to visit two other men but Jurgelevicius was unaware there had been a disagreement between the parties and a fight ensued. He left the house but when the police arrived he foolishly did not heed their warning to leave the area because he was concerned for his two friends.

"He felt they might be in trouble," said Mr. Buchanan. "He felt he was being singled out for something he had no part in. He reached out and touched the officer's clothing."

Mr. Buchanan said Jurgelevicius had a criminal record, including a suspended jail sentence, but submitted that the convictions were not pertinent as they were for motoring offences.

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