Sean Quinn claims family's phones are being tapped

Published: 30 Aug 2012 20:11

With just hours to go before he must disclose steps his family took to remove assets from the reach of the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation, former Fermanagh businessman Sean Quinn has claimed the authorities in the Republic are tapping his family's phones.

The ex-billionaire's dramatic allegation shows there is no love lost between him and the state-owned bank following months of claims, counter-claims and legal disputes.

Tomorrow (Friday) he will have to provide affidavits relating to the family's International Property Group at Dublin's high Court.

An article in today's International Herald Tribune, published by the New York Times, states that Mr. Quinn has acknowledged that some of his financial troubles are the result of his own mistakes.

But, according to the newspaper, he maintains that the authorities are persecuting his family by tapping their phones and tailing them.

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