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Enniskillen Goldline passengers to benefit from new coaches

Published: 25 Sep 2012 17:11

Commuters travelling between Enniskillen and Belfast are to benefit from the introduction of brand new coaches on the route.

Translink Western Area Manager, Simon Corrigan pictured with Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy and Translink Group Chief Executive Catherine Mason

The investment is part of a wider Goldline enhanced service that will see 87 new coaches go into passenger service across Northern Ireland by early 2013.

Local customers will enjoy key benefits from additional legroom, leather seating and free WiFi making coach travel even more attractive.

Speaking at the launch Translink Western Area Manager, Simon Corrigan said: "The popularity of our flagship Goldline coach services has been increasing year on year* and we are confident that the introduction of the new coaches on the Enniskillen route will make the 261 service even more popular.

"Our engineers have worked closely with suppliers to develop these high quality vehicles. The new features include more spacious legroom; comfy leather seating and double glazed windows to ensure a quieter travel experience and better temperature control, these improvements will help to further enhance the overall travel experience and comfort for our customers.

"In addition, in a world where time is becoming increasingly precious, the free WiFi now available on board most services is already being well-received as it allows commuters the opportunity to relax and browse the net or to get on with some work, making better use of their time.

"A further feature of the new coaches is that they are wheelchair accessible which was an extremely important element of our planning."

Speaking about the savings that can be made by travelling by bus rather than car Simon continued: "We want to make travel as hassle-free as possible by providing convenient, affordable services with special perks for passengers. Based on the best ilink and Smartlink fares commuters stand to save as much as £482.32** per month commuting between Enniskillen and Belfast against travelling by car.

"Our coaches also take advantage of bus lanes approaching Belfast so customers avoid sitting in queues of traffic congestion during rush hour. We hope more people will choose the comfort, convenience and cost-savings to be enjoyed with the enhanced Goldline services taking the stress out of their commute." Simon concluded.

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