'R' driver denied travelling at 80mph

Published: 27 Sep 2012 08:53

A 18-year-old restricted driver has admitted speeding but "vehemently" denied travelling at 80mph.

District Judge Liam McNally fined William Andrew Adams £150 and banned from driving for a month "to bring it home to you, you cannot drive at that speed".

A prosecutor told Fermanagh Court that on June 23, police were following a car along the main A4 road between Fivemiletown and Brookeborough when Adams overtook them and the car they were following. They were travelling at 55mph at the time and noticed that Adams, from Clabby Road, Fivemiletown, was displaying "R" plates and therefore restricted to 45mph. The officers followed him at 80mph before stopping him.

Defence solicitor, Mr. Michael Fahy, said Adams "denies vehemently" that he ever reached a speed of 80mph. He had been involved in an accident previously when he was not driving and would never drive at 80mph.

The District Judge told Adams: "Irrespective of whether you were doing 80 or not, you were certainly doing in excess of 45."

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