5pm backlog means motorists 'can't get out of hospital'

Published: 4 Oct 2012 13:000 comments

Traffic leaving the new South West Acute Hospital is becoming congested because of a single lane carriageway, according to a local councillor.

Councillors are asking the Western Trust to add a lane for motorists leaving the new South West Acute Hospital.

Councillors are asking the Western Trust to add a lane for motorists leaving the new South West Acute Hospital.

The traffic problems were raised at Monday's Fermanagh District Council meeting by Councillor Alison Brimstone explained how motorists leaving the hospital could enter the A32 at the new roundabout, turning left or right. However only one lane existed for the traffic to exit and this was causing a backlog of traffic at peak times such, usually around 5pm each day. She suggested if there were two lanes, one for traffic turning towards Enniskillen and another towards Irvinestown it would speed up the process.

She suggested the Council should ask the Western Trust to consider this.

Councillor Raymond Farrell said there was considerable confusion among motorists at the existing lanes and markings which were also becoming very faint. He believes the Roads Service should also have the roundabout repainted as well.

Councillor Bernice Swift said she did not think the traffic congestion at the hospital was due to road markings but rather with the need for a slipway entering the main road at the roundabout or even entering the hospital.

However Councillor Rosemary Barton said this had been raised with the Roads Service on several occasions in the past.

Councillor Brian McCaffrey said there was a general deterioration in road markings across the county and he believes the markings are carried out by a sub contractor.

The timings of traffic lights in Enniskillen were also raised by Councillor Frank Britton who was astonished one morning as he drove towards Belfast to see a queue stretching as far as two miles from Enniskillen. He thinks it was due to a change in traffic management and felt it was hardly satisfactory for people going to work, schools or for visitors. He also asked that this should also be brought tot he attention of the Roads Service.

This is the second issue regarding traffic at the new hospital site. A shortage of car parking spaces was raised several months ago and the Trust agreed to provide additional spaces.

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