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Police promise to clamp down on yellow box offenders

Published: 8 Oct 2012 21:30

Police are promising to clamp down on drivers who stop in yellow boxes in Enniskillen.

Inspector Roy Robinson says the PSNI will be targeting those not obeying the rules of the yellow box.

To the frustration of other motorists, these inconsiderate drivers prevent the free flow of vehicles, leading to traffic jams and congestion.

Now there is a £30 fixed penalty ticket awaiting anyone caught stopping in a yellow box.

Inspector Roy Robinson, the sector commander, said police had received a number of complaints about the inappropriate use of these yellow boxes, particularly the one at the junction of the Derrychara Road and Dublin Road.

"Many motorists approaching the town from the Dublin Road are entering the box junction and then finding that the traffic lights have changed, leaving them nowhere to go," said Inspector Robinson. "In fact traffic approaching from all roads in the vicinity of this junction are facing similar problems.

"The Highway Code clearly states that you must not enter a yellow box junction unless your exit is clear, or if you are turning right but need to wait in the box because of oncoming, moving traffic," he reminds drivers.

"Breaching these rules is a specific offence that could lead to a £30 fixed penalty notice," he added.

"If everyone adhered to the rules it would help reduce some of the congestion that leads to frustration, especially at busy times," said Inspector Robinson.

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