'Slow driver' hit bank and tumbled car

Published: 9 Oct 2012 19:30

The 21-year-old bar manager known to be a "slow driver" suffered a head injury when his car hit a bank and somersaulted on to its roof.

Ryan Shannon, of Kilmore South, Lisnaskea, appeared at Fermanagh Court charged with dangerous driving but pleaded guilty to the lesser offence of having two defective tyres. He was fined £300 and given three penalty points.

A prosecutor told the court that on Thursday, November 24, last year, police attended the scene of the crash on the Newbridge Road, Lisnaskea. Shannon had been travelling from Derrylin towards Lisnaskea and after crossing the bridge had crossed to the far side of the road at a left-hand bend, hitting a large bank. The Volkswagen Polo he was driving overturned and ended up on its roof. The vehicle was examined and its two "severely bald" front tyres were found to be the main cause of the crash. Shannon told police he had bought the Polo six or seven months previously and never checked the tyres nor had the car serviced. He admitted they could not have got into that condition overnight.

Defence solicitor, Mr. Dan Morris, said Shannon had the car serviced once.

District Judge John Meehan asked: "Is he contradicting himself then?"

The prosecutor confirmed that Shannon told the police he hadn't checked the tyres nor had the car serviced.

After speaking with Shannon, who was sitting at the back of the court, Mr. Morris apologised and explained that Shannon had been told the previous owner had had the Polo serviced.

He said Shannon had been a full-time student in Belfast and kept the car at home in Lisnaskea, only using it to get to and from work in Derrylin.

"He is a careful driver and known for being a slow driver," said Mr. Morris, adding that Shannon had assured him speed was not a factor in the crash.

The District Judge said Shannon had never checked the condition of the "grossly bald" tyres.

"That shows how much of a danger he recklessly presented in a car that somersaulted on to its roof," added the District Judge.

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