VIDEO: 'Our lives have been torn apart', says Ciara Quinn

Published: 14 Oct 2012 22:281 comment

Ciara Quinn, the eldest daughter of former businessman Sean Quinn says the former Anglo Irish Bank has torn her family's lives apart.

Ciara Quinn speaking at pro-Quinn rally. Photo by Ronan McGrade.

Ciara Quinn speaking at pro-Quinn rally. Photo by Ronan McGrade.

Hitting out, Ms Quinn also said that she and her siblings were the "rightful owners" of the companies the bank seized.

She told this evening's pro-Quinn rally in Ballyconnell: "I along with my brother Sean Junior, and my three sisters, Colette, Aoife and Brenda are the true and rightful owners of the Quinn Group."

She claimed that in 2007 and 2008 Anglo Irish Bank pumped over two billion euro through her family's companies to prevent the share price of the bank collapsing.

"They did it without asking us, they did it without telling us, they did this without ever even meeting any of us."

She claimed the bank has spent millions of taxpayers' money on a "vicious PR campaign."

"We are just one family of many affected by this dirty, corrupt, toxic bank. We were a very private, hard-working family who never courted media attention, and our lives have been torn apart, as has our life's work."

Ms. Quinn described it as a 'war' with Anglo, and one she believes the family will win.

"Someday our war with Anglo will be over, and make no mistake about it, this is a war, and when it ends, I and the rest of my family will still be standing."

She also claimed that many former employees of the Quinn Group are "quietly" losing their jobs.

"In April last year Anglo said there will be no job losses in the Quinn Group. This was a lie. There has been many, many job losses. People are being told if they leave quietly and do not discuss their termination with the media they will get a financial package, if they don't, they will only get two weeks' salary.

"In May last year the new chief executive of Quinn Group, Paul O'Brien arrogantly put a statement up on the Quinn Group website. He said the Quinn companies would continue to generate profits of over 100 million a year. The statement was removed within weeks, as we all know the companies are not making anything close to what they were prior to the hostile takeover."

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