Forklift truck driven without insurance

Published: 13 Nov 2012 11:30

The 66-year-old owner of a forklift truck has admitted allowing a man to drive it on a public road without insurance.

Wesley Lee, of Derrybrusk Road, Tamlaght, Enniskillen, was fined £500 and given eight penalty points after Fermanagh Court heard he had previous convictions for insurance offences.

District Judge Liam McNally said he wouldn't disqualify Lee as this was an offence of permitting no insurance rather than driving without insurance. However, he said the pensioner would need to be "very careful" as he now has 11 penalty points on his licence, just one short of the 12 that would bring him a six-month driving ban.

A prosecutor told the court that on July 31, police stopped Eugene Quigley driving a forklift truck on the Cleenish Road at Bellanaleck. Lee admitted owning the vehicle and that it was not insured.

Defence solicitor Sean McHugh said Lee had a number of vehicles in his yard and Quigley had permission to use them. All were insured, accept for this forklift. If Lee had been aware that Quigley was going to take this particular vehicle he would spoken to him and told him it was not insured. He insured it first thing the following morning.

Mr. McHugh said there was a number of relevant previous convictions on Lee's criminal record but the most recent was 11 years ago.

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