£250,000 funding to revitalise Enniskillen for G8 Summit

Published: 5 Dec 2012 10:50

The first major investment for Enniskillen as it prepares to welcome the G8 Summit in Fermanagh, was announced to-day.

Enniskillen Town Centre

Social Development Minister, Nelson McCausland announced funding of £250,000 for a Revitalisation Project in Enniskillen town centre.

The project is aimed at bringing vitality and vibrancy to the town, improving the level of retail and maximising its tourism potential

The proposals for the project will include shop front dressing, shutter graphics, marketing and events, a branding and advertising campaign, development of the island identity and the restructuring of the market/fairs in the Diamond.

The Minister commented,: "This is excellent news for everyone who works, shops and visits Enniskillen town centre. This revitalisation project will highlight Enniskillen's role as a tourist destination and market town. It will also help the town prepare for the arrival of the G8 in June.

This is a first step towards implementing part of the recently announced Masterplan and has been developed by the Department and Fermanagh District Council.

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