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Remaining apartments at ill-fated Rossorry Quay demolished

Published: 6 Dec 2012 13:000 comments

The sole remaining block of apartments at the ill-fated Rossorry Quay development on the Sligo Road in Enniskillen was demolished on Tuesday.

The last remaining apartments being demolished at Rossorry Quay.<<

The luxury properties were marketed as dream homes beside the River Erne but turned into a nightmare for owners when they developed major structural problems.

The apartments sold for between £95,000 and £135,000 when they were completed in 2000, but by 2002, land subsidence resulted in large cracks appearing in the walls and the buildings were evacuated.

The owners reached an out of court settlement with Rossorry Developments Ltd., the company behind the apartment complex.

Most accepted the compensation and that paved the way for the dozens of crumbling buildings to be demolished and the site cleared. However, one owner held out for more money so his property and the three adjoining it were left standing.

The final block of apartments has now been demolished.

At one time Fermanagh District Council had hoped to re-develop the site as a public park beside the River Erne.

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