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First shadow meeting of Fermanagh and Omagh District Council

Published: 4 Jun 2014 22:35

THE 40 councillors on the new Fermanagh and Omagh District Council met in public for the first time tonight (Wednesday) to discuss interim governance arrangements.

The 'family' photograph of Fermanagh and Omagh's 40 councillors.

The shadow meeting included Sinn Fein's Thomas O'Reilly being elected presiding councillor and Sinn Fein's Debbie Coyle elected deputy presiding councillor until April 2015.

During the meeting in Omagh, Chief Executive Designate Brendan Hegarty outlined the agenda, which included the nomination of positions of responsibility and appointment of members across all parties to the various committees.

Other preparations for the shadow Council in the coming months will include: developing key strategies, including a corporate plan, approving business and financial plans, setting rates for 2015/16, appointing senior staff and preparing for the introduction of community planning powers.

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