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Audio: Chief Constable George Hamilton: 'We will pursue Ronan's killers'

Published: 30 Jun 2014 20:21

THE new PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton has vowed to catch those who murdered police officer Ronan Kerr.

Chief Constable George Hamilton (right) and Policing Board Chairwoman Anne Connolly speaking to Inspector Roy Robinson in Enniskillen today (Monday).

Constable Kerr, who was training in Fermanagh, died after a booby-trap bomb exploded under his car in Omagh as he left his apartment to go to work in Enniskillen in April 2011.

Speaking to The Impartial Reporter during a visit to Enniskillen on his first day in the top job, Mr. Hamilton said the young officer's death was a “tragic loss”.

“That investigation continues and I don't want to say or do a anything that would jeopardise the integrity of that investigation. All I can do is reassure the people of Fermanagh and Tyrone that I have the confidence in our investigating ability.

“Ronan's death was a horrible, tragic loss and we will continue to investigate that. I don't want to start talking about the detail of that or anything that could compromise or jeopardise any future investigation or court action around it,” he said.

“The core purpose of the police is to keep people safe,” said Mr. Hamilton, adding: “Ronan was one of our own as such. These people perpetrated the most extreme crime against him; they took his life in horrible circumstances and that doesn't feel good. The people who murdered Ronan Kerr we will pursue and we will hopefully one day bring them before the courts."

Mr. Hamilton's predecessor Matt Baggott spoke in the past about the need for political leaders in Northern Ireland to step up to the mark. Asked for this view, the chief constable said: “I am not going to lecture politicians - it is not my job”.

“A lot of the problems we face are difficult issues. They are the sort of hard chestnuts that weren't cracked back in '98 with the Good Friday Agreement; they were put on the long finger. And, ultimately it is a political resolution that is needed but the police are not going to walk away from any contribution that we have to make to the debate.

“We will not be entering the political domain but given that we are at the sharp end of the lack of political consensus around this if we are invited to join the conversation we are happy to do that.”


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