Dear Sir - Your article on educatiom dated June 28 discussed the Area Planning Process for Rural Schools in Fermanagh with particular reference to Lack Primary School in the north of the county.

From various quarters there appears considerable support for collaboration and sharing of resources, indeed I understand that numerous schools in the county adopt this approach. In these austere times with enormous pressure on the public purse it does not make any semse for small schools such as Lack in semi rural locations just minutes away from other schools with capacity to continue to exist. There will be significantly greater educational benefits for children in a school such as Kesh Primary School or St. Joseph's Primary School, Ederney which do not have composite classes and have significantly greater resources and facilities. If we are to embrace the "big society" offering children a more diverse range of social and educational experiences and outlook then it is imperative that children are offered the opportunity to excel, this will be difficult to achieve in a declining small school in a semi rural location.

Yours faithfully, Concerned for Children's Education