It's always gratifying to bring good news; and the news doesn't get any better than the confirmation this week that the G8 conference of world leaders is coming to Fermanagh in 2013.

To put this into context, no event of this magnitude, scale and importance has ever come to Northern Ireland before.

Eight of the world's leading nations, including United Kingdom, the United States of America, Russia, Japan, Germany, Italy, France and Canada form this organisation.

Their leaders, including President Barack Obama, Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Francois Hollande and President Vladimir Putin, among others, will meet for two days in Fermanagh next year.

Make no mistake about it, this is a ringing endorsement of the new Northern Ireland and this beautiful county in particular.

Fermanagh's spectacularly beautiful county will be in the news for the right reasons. Our assets will be showcased by the media globally and the eyes of the world will be on us.

Fermanagh will not disappoint.

As well as the expected prestige boost, there is sure to be an economic spin-off. The leaders, their entourage, their press following and everything else that comes with them will be here.

And if we can project a positive image, the benefits can continue into future years.

The world leaders have many weighty matters to consider, and of course Fermanagh's problems will not feature directly.

But with the spotlight now on us, perhaps the authorities will pay some attention to our needs.

The announcement this week is exciting news of unbelievable proportions.

Let us enjoy the moment now, and resolve to put our best foot forward next June and see this as a tremendous opportunity.